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Journal UK General Election Special // Sunday 4th June

We've gathered together pieces that provide a range of different insights and views on the upcoming UK election - from information on candidates and parties, to analysis of electoral strategy, through to opinion pieces from a range of sources.

In the unlikely event of a misunderstanding on this point or that anyone is bothered - inclusion in this list is not necessarily an indication of support for the views expressed in an article, nor is exclusion a repudiation of any party or viewpoint.


2017 General Election Manifesto Comparison // DeHavilland // Information // Access Now

A manifesto guide with a party by party view including bullet point summaries on numerous policy areas and manifesto document page references.

Who Can I Vote For? // Democracy Club // Information // Access Now

An interactive tool allowing users to find out information about candidates in their constituency.

General election 2017 endorsements // Press Gazette // Information // Read Now

The Press Gazette summarises the endorsements of a range of UK media outlets and links out to the pieces in question.

Why the pollsters can't agree on UK election // Politico // Analysis // Read Now

An analysis of how pollsters are trying to adapt after recent high-profile miscalculations and why they are still coming up with diverging answers.

DIY political websites: new force shaping the general election debate // The Guardian // Analysis // Read Now

A piece analysing the significant influence highly partisan sites (on both left and right) creating viral content are having on the election. These outlets are typically far outperforming the (what they would term) 'Mainstream Media' on social media platforms.

Between Victoria and Vauxhall // London Review of Books // Opinion // Read Now

The piece identifies a housing crisis in the author's constituency and looks at the wider election through the prism of that issue and others such as a health inequality that he contends is related to a 9 year decrease in a life expectancy between Victoria and Vauxhall.

What may happen in the reshuffle // Conservative Home // Opinion // Read Now

Iain Dale is a former Conservative Party candidate and prominent broadcaster and writer, so can lay at least some claim to insider insight. In his last column before the election for Conservative Home ("the home of conservatism"), he considers what a victorious Theresa May's cabinet might look like.

The art of election war: Is May underestimating Corbyn? // The New European // Opinion // Read Now

Alastair Campbell is unsurprisingly not lacking in opinions on the respective merits of Corbyn and May and here he applies his own experience in delivering election strategies to the current campaign. Whilst Campbell should never be mistaken for an impartial guide, his estrangement from the current Labour leadership lends the piece a more intriguing dynamic than might otherwise be the case.

Jeremy Corbyn for PM? // The Spectator // Opinion // Read Now

The novelist, diarist, and former Labour cabinet minister Chris Mullin speculates on the aftermath of a Corbyn victory. His perspective is unique as he wrote a hit novel in 1982, A Very British Coup, that speculates on what might happen after an improbable electoral victory by a leader from the left wing of the Labour party.

Politics and the English language in 2017 // The Spectator // Commentary // Read Now

A piece lamenting the poor use of language in party manifestos, reminding the author as they do of work he did in a City career replete with "corporate suet".