A Whale’s Afterlife

A story about “whale falls”, the marine biologist term for when a dead whale carcass falls to the seabed and becomes the basis for a rich ecosystem of life, some elements of which have only been observed in such circumstances.

Ruffled Feathers

The story of the conservation efforts dedicated to preserving the majestic whooping crane, and the unlawful killing of two of their flock.

Climbing the World’s Biggest Tree

The iconic sequoia tree grows to immense heights, has a massive circumference, lives for many centuries, and will often have no branches for up to half of the trunk’s length – making them a daunting prospect for a would-be climber.

The Clam That Sank a Thousand Ships

The remarkable story of the shipworm, a wood eating mollusk that has plagued mariners for hundreds of years, and has had a resurgence due to a variety of factors including the large quantities of debris washed out to sea by the 2011 Japanese tsunami.

Wild Thing

A history of our domestication of animals, and the genetic impact this has on the animals in question, and their human keepers.