There are places you cannot go

The story, spanning 40 years, of the friendship between Cambodian Nhek Veng Huor and the American Cindy Coleman. The story is haunted by the spectre of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime, under whose rule “one in four Cambodians died”.

Alan Dershowitz, Devil’s Advocate

A deeply researched profile of the now notorious defence lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz made his name with a string of high profile clients including Claus Von Bulow, O.J Simpson, Harvey Weinstein, and latterly Jeffrey Epstein.

The Green Gang

The story of India’s Green Gang, “a gang of hundreds — no, thousands — of women, almost all of them poor and low-caste”. Their mission – to take on ” anyone who dared to hurt a woman, including violent in-laws, philandering husbands, domestic abusers, land-grabbers, bootleggers, molesters, and rapists.”