Farewell, Champions of Havana

The author visits Cuba on the occasion of President Obama’s historic visit earlier this year. He reflects on the country and its sporting champions as he tries to source a ticket for a baseball match organised to celebrate the visit.

Lizard Games

The author describes his “sordid double life” in Hackmud, a new online multiplayer game set in a dystopian future. The game itself is inaccessible in that you play the role of an AI, it is text based and you can only play by coding scripts, and yet the piece draws you in, painting a vivid picture of a lawless digital outpost, where no one is to be trusted, and everyone is on the make.

Revenge of the Tabloids

British tabloid newspapers were thought by many to be in irreversible decline due to falling print circulation and repeated scandals, yet they have had their enduring influence dramatically underlined by events in 2016.

The Last Unknown Man

The remarkable story of a man found naked outside a Burger King in Georgia in 2004. His identity was a total mystery, including to himself. Those that sought to help him could not escape a niggling suspicion that he knew more than he was revealing.