Future Shock

A piece looking back at Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 masterpiece Children of Men, which presents a dark yet recognisable version of the world, with one key difference – humans have lost the ability to reproduce. The article finds parallels in the state of the world portrayed in the film and the political moment we find ourselves in today, assesses its cultural impact and explores its cinematography, including its iconic single-shot scenes.

The Fighter

An extraordinary piece of reporting. A young soldier returns from Afghanistan, deeply troubled, and commits a crime under the influence of alcohol. The piece goes deep into his life before and after his military career and his deployment abroad. http://www.bit.ly/nyt-fighter

The Mysterious Disappearance of Keith Davies

Keith Davies disappeared at sea in 2015. He had the little known job of fisheries observer, inspectors who travel with commercial fishing vessels to ensure fishing regulations are being observed. The role is often very isolated, sometimes coming into conflict with the ship’s crew – out at sea, it can even be dangerous.