Regrets? Chris Christie has a few

An exit interview with a politician who has had a fascinating arc – a popular and successful first term and an increasing national profile leading into scandal, crash and burn. The piece offers genuine insight into the psyche of a political operator.

Al Franken, That Photo, and Trusting the Women

This eloquent piece looks at the sexual harassment allegations against Senator Al Franken and uses them as a springboard to examine humanity’s long history of identifying trustworthiness as a male trait and duplicity as its female counterpart – via Aristotle, Galen, Jezebel, Cassandra, Hamlet and others.

How the sandwich consumed Britain

If you have been looking for a deep dive into the macroeconomics, microeconomics, design process, supply chain, and key players of the sandwich industry, then this is for you. A surprisingly engaging piece looking at a phenomenally successful £8bn industry, that will also teach you the meaning of the term “goblin caves”.

The Last of the Iron Lungs

A profile of three of the last polio sufferers in the US using an iron lung. The piece examines what life is like spent in one of these contraptions, used in a medical context for nearly 100 years.