How Canada’s Health Care System Helped Create a Killer

A piece looking at failures in treatment that led to a tragic outcome when an innocent person was murdered in Ontario by a young man with a well-documented history of mental health issues. The author interviews key people involved to try to understand what happened and how it came to pass.

Google Maps’ Moat

A cartographer produces a deep dive into the extraordinary level of detail being built into Google Maps and the methodology behind it. The piece provides a valuable insight into cartography in the digital age and its impact on technology.

The town that disappeared

A story looking at Russian “monotowns” – places that were often built and populated decades ago to exploit a single resource (such as coal or ore) and are now in decline as those resources are exhausted or the economyÕs needs have moved on.

The African Enlightenment

A piece proposing that many of the ideas of Enlightenment philosophy put forward by Locke, Hume and Kant had actually been conceived a century earlier in Ethiopia.