Barack Obama

Waiting for Obama

A look at the delicate balance that President Obama has had to strike since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, and latterly since his former Vice President Joe Biden threw his hat into the ring for the 2020 election. He has not shown his hand, consulting liberally with many candidates, and preparing to intervene only once the Democratic nominee is decided.

Farewell, Champions of Havana

The author visits Cuba on the occasion of President Obama’s historic visit earlier this year. He reflects on the country and its sporting champions as he tries to source a ticket for a baseball match organised to celebrate the visit.

The Impermanence of Importance

A review of a new book by Obama adviser Ben Rhodes (a speechwriter and Deputy National Security Adviser who was one of the few senior officials to remain in office throughout the whole presidency). The piece reflects on Obama’s style of leadership, the nature of power and governing, and the author’s own journey. It is also replete with anecdotes from behind the scenes of elite politics such as Rhodes discussing the TV show Entourage with David Cameron over after-state-dinner drinks at Buckingham Palace.