Comment on a hot button issue


This renowned Umberto Eco piece, written in 1995 in an attempt to define and identify the common elements of diverse fascist movements, has been given a renewed lease of life in today’s political landscape.

The Plot Against America

An essay on Philip Roth’s 2004 counterfactual novel, which imagines that famed flying ace and isolationist Charles Lindbergh won the Republican nomination for the 1940 US Presidential Election, and proceeded to embark on a campaign of persecution.

Why We’re Post-Fact

A piece explaining how we came to find ourselves in an era where our political leaders are freed from fact, allowing us all to “indulge in a full, anarchic liberation from coherence”.

Where are we now?

The LRB dedicates a vast spread to responses to the UK’s EU referendum result. Contributors look at the issue from all sorts of angles – the greatest value perhaps lies in the interplay between the viewpoints when placed alongside each other.

The Catch 22 of Hacktivism

Hacktivists use open source technology and publicly available information to investigate political and military activity – this piece looks into the problems their activities throw up.