Deep dive investigation


A sobering but essential read on the NHS. The story dives deep on the successive policies Whitehall and Westminster have implemented to effect change, interspersed with the experiences of individual patients and staff in the system.

My year inside the international Alt-Right

The advocacy group Hope Not Hate infiltrated the alt-right movement and this is the story of their mole’s experiences, starting in the UK and expanding elsewhere. The piece is part of an investigation into the politics and personalities of the alt-right that runs wide and deep.

An education in terror

A piece relating the experiences of former IS recruits living in Europe and the military and ideological education they received when living in the caliphate.

The angry sea will kill us all

A piece looking at the destruction wrought by climate change on the Pacific Islands of Kiribati (on average 2-3 metres above sea level), already vulnerable due to unscrupulous phosphate mining stretching back a century.