Ministry of Fun

A look at the ministry of Rich Wilkerson Jr, the pastor favoured by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, along with other celebrity friends.

George OsborneÕs Revenge

A profile of George Osborne and his renewed lease of political life as editor of the Evening Standard. The piece contains insider comment including a memorable line they report the former chancellor throwing out about Theresa May – that he won’t stop until she is “is chopped up in bags in my freezer”.

Goodbye, My Brother

A former US Marine returns to cities in Iraq where he fought and lost friends, and assesses the situation on the ground today.

How Wetherspoon’s Conquered Britain

This is the sort of business profile usually reserved for tech unicorns. It turns out that this billion pound company, built by selling a vast volume of cheap pints (and coffees, and curries, and breakfasts), shares many similarities with Silicon Valley disruptors. It starts with a maverick founder and a relentless culture of innovation and competition, leads to the criticism that inevitably comes with scale, and ends up with the mixing of business and politics.

Interview: Tony Blair

A 13,000 word interview with the former Prime Minister, covering his record, his present activities, and the current global and domestic political situation. He remains a major figure on the world stage.