The Eternal Return of Buzzfeed

This piece looks at what a highly successful, disruptive organisation like Buzzfeed can learn from its antecedents as disruptors, who are now part of the establishment it is taking on.

Man v Rat

A fascinating study of the age old battle between humans and rats, one of the few species to challenge our supremacy on this planet.

The Hills Have I.P.s

A issue with the internet’s mechanism for identifying device locations led to millions of devices being incorrectly located in an American couple’s front garden. A funny glitch surely? Perhaps, until the FBI show up.

In a Perpetual Present

A story examining the unusual case of a middle aged woman who experiences everything in the present. The difference between her and many people in a similar situation is that rather than having the agony of losing the ability to form and access memories, she has never had it. This study of a life experienced without memory is illuminating and surprising.

Camp Code

A guide to the geography, politics and daily life of Bourj Al Shamali, a refugee camp in Lebanon that has been in existence since 1948.

Love – In Other Words

In 1960 Harper Lee, on assignment for Vogue, set about her allotted task – defining love. At the heart of her response, rather unexpectedly, was the Duke of Kent.