The Refugee Detectives

A look at the work of Germany’s Bamf, the agency with the thorny task of deciding which refugees receive permission to remain in their country. They have many techniques at their disposal, some that can establish identity with little doubt, many more that can only offer “Hinweis” – a clue as to the truth of the story they’re being told.

Angela Merkel: The Chancellor Next Door

A profile that makes rather a lot from a seemingly brief conversation with the German Chancellor, weaving in insights and anecdotes from interviews with others that know her and played a part in her ascent

The Useful Village

A story set in a rural village in Germany over the course of a year as a camp for refugees is built on the outskirts of the village, local concern and optimism ebbs and flows, refugees arrive and then subsequently leave. Measured in pace and tone, observing all the complexities that arose from a complex situation.