An education in terror

A piece relating the experiences of former IS recruits living in Europe and the military and ideological education they received when living in the caliphate.

Aliens in our midst

Whilst we look for alien life on other planets, this piece examines ctenophores – creatures closer to home that are “profoundly different from any other animal on Earth” – so much so in fact that they may be on an entirely different evolutionary path to their planetary cohabitants.

Journal’s Best of the Best 2017

We’ve collected together pieces reviewing the best of 2017, covering journalism, music, cinema, podcasts and more. We’ve also picked one piece from each collection that we particularly liked. We’ll keep updating the post for the next week.

Google Maps’ Moat

A cartographer produces a deep dive into the extraordinary level of detail being built into Google Maps and the methodology behind it. The piece provides a valuable insight into cartography in the digital age and its impact on technology.