Into the Storm

A gripping account of the sinking of two container ships and an attempted coastguard rescue in a massive storm off the coast of the United States.

Alan Rusbridger’s Guardian is on a suicide mission

There is more than a whiff of the hatchet job to the piece on The Guardian written by a self-described “friend of the paper” who has had a “falling out” with his erstwhile chum. There’s nothing like a bit of personal animosity to make for an interesting read. Beyond that though, it’s a case study of the dynamics of running one of the world’s largest media groups (and burning $45m a year in cash while doing so.).

Bill’s Big Moment

An insight into the odd existence of former presidents, viewed through the prism of Bill Clinton’s current role in Hillary’s campaign and his potential part in any future administration.

The Great Chinese Art Heist

An investigation into a series of thefts of Chinese art from museums around the world examines the rumours in some quarters that they are being ordered by the Chinese government, in an attempt to repatriate their looted artistic heritage.