No one in particular

A New Theory for why Voters are so Angry – That Actually Makes Sense

An interview with a professor who researched a recent book through numerous interviews with people living in rural communities in Wisconsin. These conversations convinced her that while fact-driven policy did come into their electoral choices, it had far less impact than fundamental questions of identity, tied up in numerous issues, but boiling down to – “Who am I for, and who am I against?”.

The Mastermind

An apparently routine murder investigation in the Philippines fans out into an investigation of a global criminal overlord, The Mastermind.

Kidnapped Royalty Become Pawns in Iran’s Deadly Plot

This piece kicks off with an evocative depiction of the scene typically found at the V.I.P. terminal of Baghdad International Airport. It was there where in April 2017 a group of Qataris were held on arrival when their luggage was found to contain $360 million in cash. Their presence was linked to a royal hunting trip turned kidnapping that would significantly affect the Middle East’s geopolitics.

Camp Code

A guide to the geography, politics and daily life of Bourj Al Shamali, a refugee camp in Lebanon that has been in existence since 1948.

Death in the Forest

Looking at mushroom foraging around the world, and the extraordinary lengths people go to secure valuable or rare varieties.