Personal memoir

Commonwealth v. Mohamed

The tragic death of a thirteen year old girl in a car accident becomes a story of immigration and the American justice system after a Sudanese refugee was charged with manslaughter over the incident.

I Almost Married a Con Man

The story of an experienced journalist’s doomed relationship with the man she called “The Commander”. She asks herself why she, someone trained to ask questions, didn’t see the warning signs.

In a Perpetual Present

A story examining the unusual case of a middle aged woman who experiences everything in the present. The difference between her and many people in a similar situation is that rather than having the agony of losing the ability to form and access memories, she has never had it. This study of a life experienced without memory is illuminating and surprising.

The Biggest Secret

The author relates his experience as a New York Times investigative reporter covering the War on Terror, and outlines the pressure that journalists come under from governments to censor stories and reveal sources.

Promethea Unbound

A fine piece looking at the difficulties experienced by a child genius, including a financial benefactor trying to kill her mother.

Saddam’s cake

A crackling piece from 2000, recounting the author’s experience attending the birthday party of a “global pariah”. Sample guest – a Bulgarian MP who has brought him a sniper rifle as a present. The 17 subsequent years of Iraq’s history make for a dark prism through which to read the story.