Big Man Walking

“Not many people change the world. Fewer still are thanked for it.” – Neal Ascherson reviews a biography of Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, who joined that small group when he helped to bring about its end.

The town that disappeared

A story looking at Russian “monotowns” – places that were often built and populated decades ago to exploit a single resource (such as coal or ore) and are now in decline as those resources are exhausted or the economyÕs needs have moved on.

From Russia With Blood

An in depth investigation by Buzzfeed News into the death of a British fixer in London points to Russian involvement, and to the death being the ninth in a series amongst a group of people linked to Boris Berezovsky, the oligarch who turned against the Kremlin. The piece also suggests that the British government did not investigate the death fully, rapidly naming it a suicide and moving on.