The Atavist

The Mastermind

An apparently routine murder investigation in the Philippines fans out into an investigation of a global criminal overlord, The Mastermind.

The Doctor

Tom Catena is the only doctor for thousands of miles in South Sudan, living and working in the midst of a brutal civil war. This article examines life for ‘Doctor Tom’ and his team.

The Wreck

The dramatic tale of the sinking of a passenger steamer in the Atlantic, 150 miles from Boston, the personal consequences for those involved, and efforts by treasure hunters to find the wreck.


The remarkable reappearance in Vietnam in 2008 of an American commando whose helicopter went down in Laos half a century before was not all that it seemed.


The story of a Chinese billionaire’s troubled attempt to make a blockbuster movie set in an underwater fantasy world.

Promethea Unbound

A fine piece looking at the difficulties experienced by a child genius, including a financial benefactor trying to kill her mother.


The remarkable life story of Ron Porambo, a crusading investigative journalist, whose achievements in reporting riots in 1960s Newark were eventually obscured by his own criminal exploits.