The big interview

Lunch with the FT: Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage manages to consume over 17 units of alcohol in a single lunch over the course of this interview. The encounter takes on an increasingly surreal character, punctuated as it is with outlandish pronouncements – “This is what they tell me – these people who come in and want jobs. I should feminise.”

The Art of Biography

The Paris Review interviews a master of political biography, whose epic work on President Lyndon Johnson has only reached the start of his Presidency after four volumes. Caro eloquently described his philosophy on biography at a round table with Kurt Vonnegut in 1999 – “I realized that what I wanted to do was to use biography as a means of illuminating the times and the great forces that shape the times – particularly political power.”

Regrets? Chris Christie has a few

An exit interview with a politician who has had a fascinating arc – a popular and successful first term and an increasing national profile leading into scandal, crash and burn. The piece offers genuine insight into the psyche of a political operator.

Will I Get A Ticket?

A very frank interview with Lucinda Chambers, the Fashion Director of British Vogue for over twenty-five years, until her recent dismissal from the role.

Interview: Tony Blair

A 13,000 word interview with the former Prime Minister, covering his record, his present activities, and the current global and domestic political situation. He remains a major figure on the world stage.