The Verge

Speak, Memory

When Belarusian entrepreneur Roman Mazurenko died, his friend built a memorial to him – a chatbot that uses an archive of his text messages to recreate his voice and identity.

The race against heat

The challenge of keeping people cool in an age of increasing temperatures risks making us ever more reliant on resource intensive air conditioning that may also be perversely making places hotter for anyone that doesn’t have them.

Drug Hunters

A look at the scientists working to identify the endless stream of synthetic designer drugs that have flooded the market in recent years.

The Detonation Detectives

The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies is an NGO that researches weapons of mass destruction. This is the story of how they traced, identified and analysed the recent North Korean missile launch that caused concern around the world.

Bad romance

If “Her Cocky Doctors” and “Her Cocky Firefighters” aren’t familiar to you, you probably haven’t come across the scandal in the self-published romance novel world known as “Cockygate”. This piece dives into the world of romance authors battling for supremacy on the Amazon e-book charts.